My opininion 


Some people said that the Rock and roll is the best kind of music, but im going to counter argument that,I don’t think the Rock and roll is the best kind of music because in Chile for example a questionary of the kind of music do you like the most and the romantic music won,other think is that I dont like the rock very much I like the Pop music or Latin etc.

Some people may think that the rock is the best kind of musica and in usa the rock is the favorite and all the persons have to think like them.

But i thin that all the kind of musics are good and all diserve to be the best kind of music.

So  you can like what you like and all the persons think different not only the rock and roll is the best . 


A bloody post


Dear diary

three days ago  I was with my friend Eduard, we were hunting deers until ,she was seen by Eduard, Vanessa was her name we stop hunting because that, I was very angry, we went home and Eduard brought Vanessa then my mother, gave us cookies tand after that  they go to their homes and I was happy.

The next day I was walking searching to a prey , I was a pass to bit the neck of a cow but then a shoot was heard by me ,then i ran as fast as I can and I se a women it was Vannesa the gun was shoot by Vanessa after she left the place I went to the part she shoot; in that place I found a plastic bag that contains a human it was Eduard, I couldnt belived; i thin she is near to me tomorrow I will found her before she found me…


The dialogue 

Voice: Mr Al capone,to room 7

Ness:hello mr Capone I will ask you some questions

Capone:ask werever you want

Ness:ok lets go straight to the point what do you were doing the night of 14th February?

Capone: I was buyng some staff at the shop

Ness:what do you buy?

Capone: some magazines

Ness(punching the table) what type of magazines?

Capone: some cultural magazines

Ness: and after that what did you do?

(Capone see the roof and think)

Extra 1: it was a good hijacked

Extra2: yeah,Capone must be very angry.

(Someone knocks the door)

Extra 1: whos there

Capone: me

Extra 1: whos me

Capone: your worst nightmare(open the door shoot the guys and escape)

capone:(wake up in other room)

Ness:Mr Capone you have to answer the questions

Capone:OH ok

ness:i know you are the killer of the 14 of february

Capone:yes but you are the only one who know it

ness:but in 2 hours everyone will know it

Capone: everyone will know it, unless I kill you(take out of his pocket a knife)

( a guard punchs Capone and take him to prison)

TV guy: good news gentlemans the lider of a gang has been arrested, the men is Al Capone; we are going to the not

Ness: criminals;they always loss(spits on al capone and walks)



crime and criminal description

Resultado de imagen de st valentine's day massacreMy criminal is Al capone, he is the lider of a gang that was the suspect of the St  Valentin slaughter,he was born the seventeen of january 1988 and he die in the tweenty five of january of 1944, Al Capone was born in United States in New York, Capone kill  therty three persons( his gang) and seven of them were in the st Valentin slaughter and now i will count you whats the st Valentin slaughter .

trabajo wordpress 1The st Valentin massacre or slaughter was a multy kill in a party for the celebration of st Valentin seven persons were killed that happens in 1929,, it is said that the famous criminal band ” Al Capone ” was to blame for the slaughter , others say it was a irish gang.but I think it was the gang of Al Capone because the evidence sais that he was but they never were caught for that crime.


Godlike report

The link is here
Prometheus is a titan in the greek mithology and he was known as the benefactor who brought fire to mankind also he face Cronus and other titans, 1 of the theorys us how he was born was that he was the son of the titan Lapetus another one is that he father is Iapetos.
He has a reputation as been something of a clever trickster and he gave to the humans the gift of fire.


My first blog

Unknown-4                       Punta Arenas street chile

Canopus 5 las salinas

Dear Pipe

Im writing to you because i want to tell you some few things like what i am doing in school and very more things.

what have you do how is your live there i want to know everything like your classmates,your school well it would be awesome if you write me , in school i have make very much sport and i have 2 tests tomorrow and its difficult save meeee jajaaja.

another fact is that I’m going there the 30 of april and I’m going to your home I’m very exited tell me what you want from here and i will bring it to you also i can let you t shirts that are small to me but it can be very good for you,you know I’m bigger than you.

your friend Cristobal Mendez